Summer Edition Belgia hobuoksjonist

Tannar Z

What a better way to start the last quarter of the year, than with a new HAB edition: The After Summer Edition!

The professional team behind our auction has been working nonstop to put together this new edition of our online auction. It wasn’t an easy task, considering we always raise the bar a little higher for each new edition, but we found 26 future stars born in 2018 and 2019. Carefully select for our clients all around the world, these talented young showjumpers will auctioned from October 22nd until the 24th at 20:00

Some highlights in this collection:

– Christopher: my third dam is the famous Usha van ‘t Roosakker!

– Tella van ‘t Langeriethof: Picture perfect with five 1.60m horses in her damline

– Tirana N: Excellent jumper out of same damline as Donatella N (1.60m with Nicola Philippaerts)

– It’s Another Coockie SRK: Complete jumper with five 1.60m horses in his damline!

– Thossaro van de Dweerhoeve: My second dam jumped at 1.60m level and my father is the talented Mosito vh Hellehof

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Here also a few youtube videos of the collection:


It’s Another Coockie:

Tirana N:

Verlanto Z: